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Coffeee time.

Running a wee ceramics class with Samuele and Charlotte.

Charlotte’s been working hard on a Princess….as pictured. 

Sneak peek of the new espresso mugs.

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B O R E D    B O B B Y    B R O O C H

Now available on ETSY.

Porcelain clay & non-toxic glazes.

You can now get your mitts on #issue 6 of Inc. Zine HERE

It’s a poetry & illustration zine and this issue contains a collaborative piece from me and the Edinburgh based poet Jamie Sutherland. 

It only costs 4 squid and there’s a limited run so snap ‘em up quiggly. 


Wee porcelain bowl.

Now available on my SHOP

Jode Pankhurst

Canvas  by  andbamnan